Terms And Conditions

International Travel, Passport is a must and a Minimum Validity of 6 Months is required.

Terms And Conditions

Our Terms And Conditions

For Malaysia, Singapore & Srilanka we will process the Visa here itself which is included in the package. For Thailand we advise you to take on arrival Visa, which is not included in the package. Issuing the Visa is under the sole discretion of the Embassy, we are no where responsible if the Visa got rejected. If Visa is rejected, we will refund the Money as per the Cancellation Policy.

Minimum Pax for Group Tour :

  • For Malaysia & Singapore: Min. 6 Pax for the Group
  • For Thailand: Min. 6 Pax for the Group
  • For Hong Kong & Macau Min. 4 Pax for the Group
  • For China: Min. 10 Pax for the Group
  • For Srilanka: Min. 4 Pax for the Group

Booking Procedure :

If you want to confirm any Booking, Send us the PASSPORT SCANNED COPY of ALL THE TRAVELING GUESTS to info@ambbica.com

  • Beneficiary a/c name : AMBBICA HOSPITALITY SERVICE
  • Beneficiary a/c no : 611905050389
  • Beneficiary Bank : ICICI BANK
  • Beneficiary Branch : SALEM
  • IFSC code : ICIC 000 6119

Cancellation Policy:

a) If booking is cancelled before 30 Days, 20% of the PACKAGE AMOUNTwould be deducted (This Ticket is a Non Refundable Ticket, so you will get only the Tax Amountfor the Airfare Part) b) If booking is cancelled before 15 Days, 40% of the PACKAGE AMOUNT would be deducted c) If booking is cancelled before 10 Days, NO REFUND WOULD BE GIVEN. d) Name Change would be allowed ONLY BEFORE 10 DAYS.